Difonix Roll20: Falcon's Hollow

Session 3: Prelude

4707 14th of Rova (September)

As the camera faded to a drunken haze (and many tears of laughter) our heroic band of adventures had just discovered the cure for the insidious rot that has struck the Falcon’s Hollow area.

With assistance from Laurel, the local herbalist, the band narrowed down the list of ingredients to three missing pieces:

Elderwood Moss – found growing on the “heart of the forest”, the biggest, and oldest tree in all of Falcons Hollow. Rumored to be a favored snack of forest drakes and trolls.
Rat’s Tail Root – Rumored to be in the possession of “Ulizmila” a terrifying witch that lives deep in the darkest corner of the forest.
Ironbloom Mushrooms – One of the rarest items in all of Falcons Hallow; typically found growing around forges and metal deposits. To the north of Falcons Hollow is an abandoned dwarven monastery that Laurel suggests may be a fertile growing area for these rare mushrooms.

As the band stands in the mud splattered street outside Roots and Remedies, the sky opens up, and a crack of lighting arcs across the sky. The few damp residents of Falcons Hollow still walking through the muddy streets scatter towards shelter, often in the form of the warm, and inviting, Jack A’ Napes Inn and Tavern. The sound of whining horses, cawing ravens, and howling dogs permeates the rain slicked town.

A trotting horse with rider rambles by the group throwing up mud and water in the air. As the rider moves on, the group is startled by the sight of a yellow and orange flower bloom that has been kicked up by the horse. As the party watches, it slowly disappears back into the water filled hoof print.

The lighting arcs again.


Awesome! I dropped your spooky image from Difonix in there. So a flower blooms in the hoof print momentarily? Or like, pokes its petals out of the water or something? Is it a tremors-worm flower? Or am I missing something…

Session 3: Prelude

Just was pressed in the mud. Trotting horse dislodged it for a quick second.

Not growing.. maybe someone dropped it?

Session 3: Prelude
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