A cornflower-haired gnome with a bit of an unsettling look in her eye and a weasel wrapped about her neck


Cicely is an olive-skinned gnome with cornflower blue hair and an unsettling look in her indigo eyes. She is always accompanied by a brown and tan weasel, most often wrapped about her neck. She wears a loose-fitting outfit of browns and greens and a sickle hangs from her hip.


As far as anyone knows, Cicely just sort of appeared one day in the forests surrounding Falcon’s Hollow. Fortunately, one of the places she appeared was alongside a stream where a rather stern dwarf and his porcine companion were floundering in the shallows. Encouraging them to “swim”, she is credited with their rescue, recognition she happily accepts being as she has few other friends. Despite her attempts at good deeds, for example using her knowledge of herblore to provide boons to the town and its surrounding lumber camps, she is often shunned due to the unsettling look in her eyes. Fortunately, the combination of “rescuing” the dwarf and identifying the perfect missing ingredient in his latest batch of mushroom moonshine has made the two fast friends. It probably also helps that the dwarf is a little strange himself. However, her familiar Teasel (the Weasel) is yet to warm up to his companion, Pigsly.


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