Difonix Roll20: Falcon's Hollow

Session 3: Serious Combat

Look at our faces!



Thanks to everyone for logging on tonight – that was a ton of fun!

Full recap to come later, but here’s the xp for our games so far:

Game 1 – 200XP each [Defeat of Infected Wolves -I think I posted this somewhere else, so I hope this is the same]
Game 2 – 150XP each [Story/discovery of three required regents]
Game 3 – 250XP each [Defeat of zombies/story]

Total – 600XP

I think its been really fun working on the story between sessions, so lets keep our OP work going strong.

Session 3: Serious Combat

What, no XP for bashing an innocent logger in the face with a shovel after he accidentally insults your mother?

Session 3: Serious Combat
moot45 ldouglas14

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