"Pigsly" Rootchewer

A large, warty wild boar.


Race: Boar, Wild

Gender: Bollocks

Demeanor: 73% lethargic; 22% hangry; 4% bored; 1% secretly just wants to nuzzle but still appears hangry.

Likes: Rooting for juicy truffles ’n grubs; eating woodchips; general wallowing; chasing terrified goblin children; the occasional well-timed goring.

Dislikes: Goblins of all sizes; flaming crossbow bolts; mostly everyone who is not Rurg.

Begrudgingly tolerates: Weasels, witches, and weirdos. Oh my…

Goals: Devour Rurg’s mulch garden when he isn’t looking and blame it on the weasel.


As a youthful piglet of only a few weeks, “Pigsly” Rootchewer found himself hiding in the roots of a bog-soaked dead stump surrounded by sneering, yipping goblins with sharpened sticks who looked very hungry and not at all adverse to a little ham now and again. As fortune would have it, Rurg’s father (Thurgyim the Woodcarver for those keeping track of sadly now-dead dwarven ancestors) was leading a younger Rurg on a darkwood lumber buying trip to Darkmoon Vale, and their merchant caravan chanced by just in time for the terrified and squealing Pigsly (although he’d never admit it, even if he could talk). After doing their dwarven duty and promptly slaughtering as a many goblins as possible with their general goblin-slaughtering remorseless efficiency, Rurg found the grateful Pigsly in one of his rare nuzzling moods and they’ve been inseparable ever since. Most people account this to the fact that no one else can really stand either of them for very long. And they’re probably right.

"Pigsly" Rootchewer

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