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  • Drunken ramblings

    Check this out, I took notes from our last game. Seriously, you guys. Even under the influence of _tasty_ mojitos! bq). So yea, we did loot the lumber camp tents and liberated the poor souls of 130sp and 140gp. Oh and a guy named *Horak*, who is still …

  • Elderwood Moss

    Elderwood Moss – found growing on the “heart of the forest”, the biggest, and oldest tree in all of [[Falcon's Hollow | Falcon's Hollow]]. Rumored to be a favored snack of forest drakes and trolls.

  • Rat's Tail Root

    Rat's Tail Root – Rumored to be in the possession of Ulizmila a terrifying witch that lives deep in the darkest corner of the forest.

  • Ironbloom Mushrooms

    Ironbloom Mushrooms – One of the rarest items in all of [[Falcon's Hollow | Falcon's Hollow]]; typically found growing around forges and metal deposits. To the north of Falcons Hollow is an abandoned dwarven monastery that Laurel suggests may be a fertile …